Lagos State Infrastructure Asset Management Agency (formerly Office of the Facility Management and Maintenance (OFMM)  is charged with the tasks of ensuring proper management and maintenance of all Lagos State assets and infrastructure and to help better manage public facilities  cost effectively and energy efficiently so that public agencies can better deliver services to the people of Lagos.

Though it commenced operation mid-year 2012 as Office of the Facility Management and Maintenance (OFMM), the enabling Law establishing the Lagos State Infrastructure Asset Management Agency was formally enacted by the Lagos State House of Assembly in December 2014 with facility management and maintenance as the core content.

Supervising Ministry:

Ministry of Works and Infrastructure


  • Provide for the effective preservation and Maintenance of Assets owned or controlled by the State Government;
  • Provide a uniform management framework for sustainability, efficiency and accountability in the use and management of such assets;
  • Ensure coordination in the use of assets within t services delivery objectives of the State Government.
  • Optimize the cost of service delivery by –
  • Ensuring proper monitoring and accountability for Capital and recurrent works;
  • Establishing a system for regular maintenance and Refurbishment of assets;
  • Undertaking proper disposal of used assets;
  • Improving health and safety in the working environment.

Core mandate:

To improve functionality and quality of infrastructure as well as encourage a more sustainable maintenance industry and culture in Lagos.


A State with sustainable and qualitative infrastructure/public Facilities that support social and Economic growth and development.


Provide enduring public Facilities and infrastructure for all citizens of Lagos State.

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